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Long Live 
The Mountain And The Sea!

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Long Live
The Mountain And The Sea!

Without a doubt, this port has many good things, but the gastronomic experience takes the cake. The combination of fruits, seeds and farm animals from the mountains, and all the wonders of the sea, come together through ancestral cooking techniques, giving you this unique coastal cuisine, and a gastronomic destination that will satiate any foodie’s appetite.

Some dishes unique to this region are the relleno de cuche, which is like our version of a slow-cooked pulled pork sandwich, tiritas, which is similar to ceviche, except they are cut into strips and often marinated in orange juice and/or lime juice, green pozole, fish machaca, as well as drinks such as chilate and mezcal cupreata. It would be a sin to leave without trying at least one of these dishes or drinks!

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Must-see Classics
Look for a bolillo relleno, these hearty sandwiches, stuffed with a stew like filling of pork and vegetables in Plaza Kyoto in Zihuatanejo—a classic morning dish among the local community.
Mezcalito cupreata
Visit Angustina Mezcaleria in the heart of downtown Zihuatanejo to try their unique varities of mezcals. You can even purchase bottles to bring home for yourself or to gift.

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