The Island

This island, which is more like a small islet, can be explored by walking from one end to the other. There’s plenty to see on the island like the rock formations, giant cactus, and spectacular views. It has four beaches to visit; Cuachalalate, named after a medicinal tree in the area, is one of the most popular for swimming in its calm waters and eating fresh fish, as well as Varadero, the fishermen's shops will invite you to spend a typical day at the coast. Coral beach is exceptional for snorkeling; the rocky reef is home to a boisterous multicolored fauna, if you walk a little further you will find Sacrificio a small beach without shops, the deer and rabbits inhabitants of this island will share the road to greet you. From tranquility to adventure,enjoy a blissful day in the sun here.
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The Island


Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

Other Beaches

La Ropa Beach
This wonderful beach has been awarded as one of the most romantics in Mexico and it ranked in the top 10 Best Beaches in Mexico by the biggest travel platform in the world, TripAdvisor.
Enjoy barefoot bliss here. Dig your feet in the sand, find rest in the shade between two palms or just sit back and relax with a cold drink here from the comforts of your luxury chalet or cozy summer house.
Linda Beach
Located in the northern part of Ixtapa, past Quieta Beach is this one-kilometer long beach. Here you will find a dock where you can take boats to make trips to the island of Ixtapa.


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