La Madera Beach

It is connected from the main beach through the sea walker and is the perfect activity if you’re looking to go on a nice stroll, while enjoying the fresh ocean breeze and magnificent bay of Zihuatanejo. Here the waves are perfect for bodysurfing or just splashing around (although it is one of the smaller beaches). At Madera Beach you will also find several hotels, restaurants and bars built along the beach, which are perfect for enjoying breakfast or watching a sunset overlooking the sea. The name of this beach comes from an interesting anecdote. Like many of Zihutanejo’s beaches, the names originated during the Colonial period. La Madera, or “wood beach”, was named after the oak, pine and mahogany that was exported from the shipyard’s of Zihuatanejo.
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La Madera Beach


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Other Beaches

Playa Principal
Also known as the fishermen's beach, this beach lies in the heart of Zihuatanejo. If you’re looking to take boat tours around the bay, catch a ride to Las Gatas, embark on a fishing excursion or rendezvous from a cruise ship
Playa Larga
Located within the same bay of Playa Blanca is Playa Larga. This can sometimes cause confusion; although it is a single beach, it is divided into two sections. Together it covers more than 19 km of coastline.
Enjoy barefoot bliss here. Dig your feet in the sand, find rest in the shade between two palms or just sit back and relax with a cold drink here from the comforts of your luxury chalet or cozy summer house.


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