Las Gatas Beach

Most of the beaches in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo have a small legend and there is no exception here! It is said that the reef found in this coastal location was built by King Tarasco Calzontzin, and that it served as a natural barrier against the intense waves of the Pacific Ocean. Las Gatas is named after the harmless whiskered nurse sharks that once inhabited this area but have since disappeared. Those who enjoy free diving or snorkeling will find this beach a charming place to visit with its countless treasures and surprises you can find underwater. Regardless of your diving experience, Las Gatas has the ideal conditions to enjoy an underwater adventure due to its calm waters. The protected beach, mellow waters and options for dining here make this an ideal spot for a fun day in the sun. For these and other reasons, this beach has recently ranked top 10 Best beaches in Mexico by the biggest travel platform in the world, TripAdvisor. Getting here is a quick 10-minute trip by boat . You can find these water taxis by the docks on the main beach.
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Las Gatas Beach


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